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...Because majs_majs asked because she was looking out for it in bookshops in Denmark:

Hope you found what you were looking for!

As you can see, the jacket isn’t the most attractively designed ever (whose idea was the orange?), but what's inside more than compensates. The front flap (above) explains more thoroughly than I can what you get by buying this edition rather than one of the several standard editions of Maurice available. I've had the 1987 Penguin film tie-in edition (below) for years, but that's just a reprint of Penguin’s original edition, with a re-crop of the original UK film poster image of James Wilby on the cover (and an overall cover style that’s aged less well than the film):

Since then, there have been other reissues and editions – both Penguin (in the Penguin Modern Classics imprint) and other publishers'. In most cases with a more attractive cover than the Abinger edition (which wouldn't be difficult), but often of a lower standard (typography, print, paper) internally. I’ve enjoyed reading and handling this edition far more than my old Penguin. As far as I can fathom (from the dearth of information given by publishers online), all the other/non-Abinger editions of Maurice simply reproduce the text of the novel, plus Forster's ‘Notes on Maurice’, as they were published in 1971. (I'm not clear whether that means these other editions also retain the textual errors that the Abinger edition corrects.) If anyone learns more – or learns otherwise – let me know!
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